Growth and Yield of Two Okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus L. Moench) Varieties to Combined Fertilizer of Poultry Manure and Urea.

Olunloyo A. A., Ogunjinmi S. O., Aderemi F. T., Osalusi C. S., Aderemi A.M.


A pot experiment was carried out to determine the effect of organo-mineral fertilizer on the growth and yield response of two varieties of okra at the Teaching and Research Experimental plot of Department of Agricultural Technology, Federal College of Forestry, Ibadan, Oyo State in 2019 rainy season. Organo-mineral fertilizer were applied at the combinations of 75kgN+2.5P.M.t/ha , 75kgN+5.0P.M.t/ha, 75kgN+7.5P.M.t/ha, 75kgN+10.0P.M.t/ha, 75kgN+12.5P.M.t/ha and 0 (control) t/ha were applied on two varieties of okra (LD-88 and Clemson Spineless variety seed). The experiment was 2 x 6 x 4 factorial experiment arranged in randomized complete block design (RCDB). Data were collected on the number of leaves, plant height, stem girth, days to first harvest, number of fruits/plant and fresh harvest weight. The result shows Growth and yield of the 2 varieties of okra was significantly affected with the application of urea fertilizer in combination with poultry manure (PM). The average number of fruits per plant, there were significant differences among the application rates of organomineral fertilizer with 75kgN+12.5t/haPM application on LD-88 having the highest number of fruits at 12.28. The application of 75kgN+12.5t/haPM also produced the highest mean fresh fruit yield in LD-88 (169.67g) and Clemson Spineless (168.67g), while the least mean fruit weight was recorded in the 0 t/ha application on both okra varieties having 139.00g (Clemson spineless) and 142.50g (LD-88) each respectively, and significantly different from other application rates. From the results, combined application of the two fertilizers type will reduce the farmer’s budget for crop fertilization and inclusion of organic fertilizer in the combination will surely ensure production of crop under a less polluted environment. The promising yield obtained with organomineral fertilizer application on okra is a pointer to its potential use as nutrient supply in enhancing its production in Nigeria.

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