Issues of Enhancing Teaching Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan and the USA

Adilova Nilufar Axmadjanovna, Azizova Zilola Ravshanovna, Isroilova Yoqutoy Bahodirovna, Karimova Lola Rihsivayevna, Umarkhodjayeva Dilnoza Mirzakirovna


This article considers the reasons for the low level of knowledge of foreign languages in Uzbekistan and the United States, discusses urgent problems of improving foreign language teaching based on the introduction of innovative techniques. Particular attention is paid to the communicative method and issues of motivation in the learning process. The authors note the widespread use in the USA and in Uzbekistan of IT-technologies, such as e-mail, chats, web-conferences and the distance learning system. An analysis of the state of American and Uzbekistan education allows the authors to conclude that the United States has made significant progress in introducing innovations, especially in the use of bilingualism in education, and their experience can be useful for testing it in our country.

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