An Advance RFID Based Embedded Vehicle Controlling And Monitoring System

Meesala Sai Samyuktha, Mr. A. Rajaiah, M. Govind


The main aim of this project is to control the vehicular speed in the parking zone. The important aim of my undertaking is to give here is aimed at automatically sensing the areas / zones like "School Zone", "Work Zone" as a consequence and inform the motive force and additionally help him in controlling the car. As the design of this gadget is going, the system proposed here includes a hard and fast of units: Zone / Area Unit and Vehicle Unit.

In convention, these special zones or areas are indicated at the roadside on a pillar or road sign poles. As an example, near school zone, the sign board displays "School Zone Ahead, Drive Slowly", or "Curve Zone Area-Do not go fast"[4]. This project is developed based on EMBEDDED and RF Technology. When a vehicle enters a particular Zone then the signal will be detected by the Receiver which was transmitted by the Transmitter already placed in the Zone. The Signal received will be decoded by the microcontroller and alert the driver through a LCD Screen. According to signal received by Microcontroller controls the DC Motor Speed after a few seconds from the time it received the signal.

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