Detecting of Rash Driving using Rescue System

Maheshwari Mane, Pooja Ghawate, Dipti Jadhav, Dhanashri Mungase, Ritesh Thakur


Real-time anomalous driving behaviors monitoring is a corner stone to improving driving safety. Existing works on driving behaviors monitoring using smart phones only provide a coarse-grained result, i.e. distinguishing anomalous driving behaviors from normal ones. To improve drivers’ responsiveness of their driving habits so as to prevent potential car accidents, we need to judge a fine-grained monitoring approach, which not only detects anomalous driving behaviors but also identifies specific types of anomalous driving behaviors, i.e. Weaving, Swerving, Side slipping, Fast U-turn, Turning and rapid braking. We intend a highly efficient system aimed at early detection and alert of dangerous vehicle maneuvers typically related to drunk driving. The entire solution for this only a mobile phone placed in vehicle and with accelerometer sensor. A program installed on the mobile phone computes accelerations based on sensor readings, and compares them with usual drunk driving patterns extracted from actual driving tests.

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