A Study On“Intra Industry Foreign Direct Investment” With Reference To Icici Prudential (Insurance Sector)

Kolepaka Sravani, Mr Chandravathi, K. Veeraiah


The post-liberalization era has seen a noteworthy increment in foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows and intra-industry trade (IIT) of India. Thinking about this reality, the paper endeavors to examine a causal relationship among FDI and IIT in the assembling division of India for the period 1992 to 2013. Causality crosswise over different businesses of the assembling area has additionally been broke down. For the assembling area, causality tests delineate uni-directional causality from IIT to FDI. The outcomes at industry-level uncover uni-directional causality from FDI to IIT for enterprises like assembling of nourishment items and beverages (15), tanning and dressing of calfskin; assembling of baggage, totes, saddlery, bridle and footwear (19), production of created metal items, with the exception of hardware and gear (28) and production of engine vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (34). Also, enterprises, for example, assembling of substance and synthetic items (24) and production of electrical hardware and contraption n.e.c. (31) show uni-directional causality from IIT to FDI. The outcomes, in this manner, declare that FDI inflows have helped to build IIT in the assembling segment of India.

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