Kinematic Design And Analysis Of Six Degrees Of Freedom Manipulator



Mechanical technology has been a moving subject for educators to instruct and for understudies to learn. One of the significant viewpoints that make it troublesome is the restricted capacity to see and imagine the ideas suitably at the hour of educating. The majority of the modern robots are depicted geo-metrically by their Denavit-Hartenberg (DH) parameters, which are additionally hard to see for understudies. Understudies will locate the subject simpler to learn in the event that they can imagine in 3 measurements. Apparatuses that guide its learning have been created by colleges over the world as alluded somewhere else. This paper proposes RoboAnalyzer, a 3D model based programming that can be utilized to instruct mechanical autonomy subjects to undergrad and postgraduate courses in building schools in India and somewhere else. In the present implementation, it tends to be utilized to learn DH parameters, forward kinematics of sequential robots with revolute joints and permits 3D movement and diagram plots as yield.

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