Cartographic Activities In The Uzbekistan SSR: Problems And Solutions (Based On The Documents Of The National Archive Of Uzbekistan Dated 20-30 Of XX Century)

Muhiddinjon Primov


the article is devoted to the shortcomings and problems and that have arisen during activities of organisation of cartographic works carried out in the 20 – 30 years of the XX century in the documents of the National Archive of Uzbekistan in the Uzbekistan SSR and the ways of eliminating of them. It can be said that the main works in the field of cartography in Uzbekistan began in the 20 – 30s of the XX century. But even before it, most of the territory of the Republic was provided with large-scale, topographic cards. Alternatively, educational natural geographic maps for schools were also published. However, the work on cartography could not fully respond to the request of that period. To do this, it was necessary, first of all, to bring the map massifs to the metric system, to carry out precise Geodetic measurements, to produce Geodetic and cartographic instruments and to train highly qualified personnel to carry out work in this area at a high level. The article covers the work done to eliminate these problems and their effective results.

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