Smart Buildings Power Management System With Monitoring And Controlling Using Wsns

Yanamala Sai Nagarjuna, G. RAMANAREDDY


Wireless sensor network(WSN) which integrates sensor technology,wireless communication technology, embedded computing technology and disturbed information management technology, has been under rapid development A wireless sensor network is a collection of nodes organized into an interactive network.each node consists of processing capability (one or more microcontroller's chips) and contains types of memory,with a zigbee transceiver module and also,each node have a stable power source and the last part of a node, it is accommodate various sensors and actuators. the nodes communicate wirelessly and often self organize after being developed in an adhoc method.such systems can revolutionize the way we live and work therefore in this project we want to use WSN technology to control and manage energy in building. The acquired data wirelessly transmits to the gateway, which can operate independently or connect to a host system where you can collect, process, analyze, and present your measurement data using software. Routers are a special type of measurement node that can be used to extend WSN distance and reliability. The world facing the biggest problem of power. Because the production of power is less than the demand power of consumer side.

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