Analysis And Optimum Kinematic Design Of A Parallel Manipulator For Micro Motion Application

Ahamad Ali Basha, G.Satish Kumar


This paper presents a unique micro-motion parallel kinematic manipulator (PKM) With a three degrees of freedom (3-DOF). The 3-DOF micro-motion manipulator has three linear-motion driving units and have a passive link in the center of the structure.The purpose of this passive link is to restrain the movement of the manipulator and to improve the stiffness of the structure. As a result, the structure support 3-DOF, including one translation on the Z-axis and two rotations around the X and Y axes. In this project, the inverse kinematic, Jacobian matrix and stiffness analyses have been conducted, followed by the design optimization for structures. Finally, the FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and dynamic analysis have also been performed. There are many practical applications for micro-motion parallel manipulators. The typical applications include micro-machine assembly, biological cell operation, and micro-surgery.

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