Fabrication And Investigation Of Metal Matrix Composites Of Aluminium Al7075 Alloy - Sic/Al2o3

Chikkala Chandu Babu, Mallampati Mahesh, Kalpukuri Rambabu


Aluminum based metal matrix composites find varied applications in aerospace, defense, automobile, sports equipment and electronics due to their favorable properties viz. light weight, high strength and coefficient of thermal expansion. Al 7075 is a low strength cast able alloy with moderate hardness and strength and finds application in truck wheels and rail road cars. The addition of refractory reinforcement generally improves the hardness, tensile strength and high temperature properties of the material. The present investigation focuses on characterization of metal matrix composites based on Al7075 matrix reinforced with different percentages of SiC and Al2O3 particles. Accordingly, Al7075 -Al2O3-SiC composite of (0,0),(5,0),(0,5)&(5,5) wt% Al2O3-SiC as reinforcement are manufactured using conventional stir

casting technique. Specimens are prepared as per the ASTM standards and microstructure investigation, tensile, impact and hardness Measurements have been correlated with the percentage of SiC particles.

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