Designing A System For Intelligent Irrigation Monitoring For Smart Agriculture Using Raspberry Pi Processor, Gsm



There has been much research and various attempts to apply new technology to agricultural areas. However, for the agriculture should be considered differently against the same areas such as industrial, logistics. This paper presents the agricultural production system for stabilizing supply and demand of agricultural products while developing the environment sensors and prediction system for the growth and production number of crops by gathering its environmental information. Currently, the demand by consumption of agricultural products could be predicted quantitatively, however, the variation of harvest and production by the change of farm's cultivated area, weather change, disease and insect damage etc. could not be predicted, so that the supply and demand of agricultural products has not been controlled properly. To overcome it, this paper designed the GSM-based monitoring system to analyze crop environment, and the method to improve the efficiency of decision making by analyzing harvest statistics. Therefore, this paper developed the real time monitoring of healthiness of the crops in the agriculture field and updates the status and also providing necessary water to crop at required time.

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