Issues Of Artistic Poetics Of Iraqi Stories In «One Thousand And One Nights»

Astanova Gulnora Aminovna


According to the composition “A Thousand and One Nights,” it contains various genres of oriental prose. It contains small and big fairy tales, adventure stories, as well as myths and legends. In world science, this is studied as an example of written literature based on oral creativity. All tales reflect the thoughts and dreams of people. Some of the stories are in Baghdad. In the Middle Ages, the large cities of Iraq were a diverse mixture of social, ethnic and religious groups. In Baghdad, Basra and other cities, crafts and trade flourished in the markets. There, traders met tourists from all over the world. These tourists brought with selves them religious and cultural traditions. The Arabs, for their part, were on faraway land for commercial purposes and broadened their horizons by studying and mastering the customs and culture of other countries. This scientific and theoretical aspect analyzes the classification and description of the Baghdad tales in the unique masterpiece of the Eastern peoples “1001 Nights”.

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