Sustainability Assessment of Human Intervention in terms of Hydroelectric Project on Alaknanda River Valley

Suman Kumar, Rajesh Chandra, V. Devdas


TheIndian Himalayan Region (IHR) with itsmajorriver systems has vastpotential for hydropower development. Recognizing this potential, the Government of India in its recent initiative for 50,000MWpowergenerationproposestodevelopseveralhydropowerprojectsintheIHR.The Himalayan region is ecologically sensitive, and the catchment is endowed with potential for vast hydropower projects. Due to human intervention and dense allocation of projects, subsequent social and environmental issues are raised.It isrecognizedthatinthe Himalayan region which is importantfromtheconservationpointofview,project specificEnvironmentalImpactAssessmentstudiesareprobablyinsufficienttotackletheenvironmentalissues thatarelikelytoresultonaccountoftheproposedhydropowerprojects and needs few additions or modification.


Environmental Impact Assessment, Hydroelectric Project, Indian Himalayan region, Human intervention

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