Mobile Text Data Encryption System

Mr. Vadipina Amarnadh, Ch. Roja Reddy, J. Naveen Kumar, U. Swathi


For modern organizations, speed and agility is the key to success built on enhanced IT efficiency and performance driven by the cloud. As always security must be a priority when migrating to cloud, but network teams are being let down by existing tools. Taking all this on board, we set about designing a network-based solution to handle the scale and performance demands of the cloud, without introducing extra fraction of operations. Mobile Text Data Encryption is a mobile app which allows users to store text files of their mobile by storing it in encrypted form in the server using AES algorithm without having to worry about confidentiality even if the mobile is lost. User need to login with his credentials and enter secret key to access his data. Other malicious user can’t retrieve the data without the user credentials. If user mobile device is lost, he can access his text data by logging in to the system using another mobile and user will be free from worrying about the leakage of his confidential data.

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