Comparative Analysis of The Stories About “Alankuvo”



This article explores the history of Alawuqa by comparative sources. It is scientifically proved that the legend of Alancuko has become an important artistic figure, not only in historical themes, in the determination of the origin of historical figures, but also in the pure artistic works of the protagonist.

 "The Wonderful Story of Alankuvo”,in "Shajarai Turk" of AbulghaziBakhodirhon by Rashididdin's "Jome-ut-tavorih", "Oguznoma" by unknown author - "Nusratnoma",  "Zafarnoma" of Sharafiddin Ali Yazdi, “Abdullanoma” of Hafiz Bukhari, A comparative analysis of the stories of Mirzo Ulugbek “Alankuvo” in the “History of the four nations” and “History of Rashidiy” by Muhammad Haydar Mirza.

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