Human Relationship a Musical Engagement in Vikram Seth’s An Equal Music

Dr.Ashima Sona


Vikram Seth’s An Equal Music embarks on a musical discourse. The focus on the human relationship is structured artistically around the influences of European classical music. The narrative grows in the form of a classic bildungsroman as Michael the main protagonist overcomes life’s complications and grows psychologically and morally in the world of music. This paper focuses on striking balance in a relationship created within the coordinated group activities of Quartet Maggiore where music serves as social cement in bringing both Michael and Julia together. The relationship thrives within the fine strands of European Classical music and the background of the English class system. Here the novel takes a turn towards the Marxist element of class interests and struggles manifested in music. Michael struggles to rise in the realm of Chamber music by combating the norms of the high society against the odds of his humble and inferior background.

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