Quest for Cultural Values in the Play Tughlaq of Girish Karnad

Dr. Puja Priyadarshani


Despite its rich regional heritage Indian drama is now struggling for survival on account of the monster globalization which is spreading the fire of materialism that has consumed related aspects of theatre, natakmandli, nautiki, tamasha, etc. It is gasping for oxygen and there are a few dramatists who are still conscious of saving its life by providing much needed material. Girish Karnad is a contemporary dramatist who has given it a new orientation and meaning. It is he who has popularized the Indian art and culture in the west and hence becomes a brand ambassador of Indian drama in English. R. K Dhawan praises him highly for his contribution and declares: "He has given the Indian theater a richness that could probably be equated only with his talents as an actor-director. His contribution goes beyond theatre: he has directed feature films, documentaries and television serials in Kannada, Hindi and English, and has played leading roles as an actor in Hindi, and Kannada art films, commercial movies and television" (Dhawan: 13). He has made history lively and realistic through his plays. It is his dramatic imagination that turns a tedious substance into an exciting one. Plays like Tughlaq, Tale Danda and The Dreams of Tipu Sultan are based on history.

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