Entrepreneurship In The Nigeria Educational System Yesterday, Today And The Future

Darius P.B Yusuf, Christopher A. Kukwi, Sheyin Jacob Kahuwai


Nigeria economy and her population cannot be measured in terms of quality delivery service aimed at poverty reduction, the state of security and the challenges of unemployment are enormous. The dream for optimal population and self-sufficiency is a mirage since Nigeria education place less emphasis on practical entrepreneurship education. This research work aims at highlighting the relationship between entrepreneurship education and economy development.It is observed that the lack of adequate practical facilities inprimary and tertiary level ofeducationhas shifted the system into relying on theory or paper work instead of basic skills for self-sufficiency that can reduce dependency and poverty in a growing economy like Nigeria. The paper also attempts to x-ray the implication of a growing population with a dependent economy and suggest possible solutions to arrest the Nigeria urgly situation as well as recommended that entrepreneurship education is premium to any growing economy.

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