Successful Strategies For Teaching Students With Learning Disabilities

Shiv Darshan Singh, Dr. Sonam Bansal


in this paper the researcher discussed about the various strategies  of teaching students with learning disabilities. Learning disabilities (LD) is relatively recently identified, proposed & defined area of exceptionally by Kirk (1963). Learning disability is a term which is now being used to describe such characteristics as severe reading, spelling & writing delays & reversals of symbols. It is a term which is also used to describe learning problems such as dyslexia. Learning disabled tend to experience severe difficulty in writing & find symbols of language very frustrating. Learning disabilities are a heterogeneous group of disorders & individuals suffering from these exhibits many different kinds of problems. Different strategies can help educators strike the proper balance as well as ensure faithful and sustained implementation designed to maximize instructional impact by the use of performance assessments to provide opportunities to help students understand the demands of tasks. Share the criteria that will be used to judge the product or performance. In this paper the researcher pointed towards the progress of learning disabled children by encouraging assessing their growth to increase their self-awareness as learners.

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