Rock-Cut Architecture of the Pandyas of Madhurai

Dr. C.B. Kamati


The Pandya dynasty played pivotal role in creating marvelous rock-cut architecture. The  Pandyas of Madhurai chiseled-out granite rock-cut architecture to the south of river Kaveri. Until this day , as many as sixty two Pandya cave architectural antiquities have been identified by Archaeological Survey of India. At this typical architectural zone, we also notice Pallava, Chera, Muttaraya, and Adiyaman rock-cut caves. This phase coincides with the formative stage in granite architecture of the Deep-South. This research paper intends to explore the genesis of the Pandya rock-cut architecture under the following interconnected sub-themes;(i) Impact of the Chalukya and Pallava Architectural Traditions; (ii) Schematic and Thematic Components; (iii) Stylistic and Structural Components; (iv) Ideological and Sculptural Innovations; (v) Unique and Vital Pandya Remembrance-Kulugumalai Monolith;(vi)Transformation in the making towards Structural Architecture

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