Job Insecurity and Subjective Well-Being among Contract Employees

Gilang Vienna Santini


Contract employees have the potential to get stressed, and this is because of the uncertainty of their future work. Concern about the future of work is called job insecurity. Job insecurity can affect contract employees' assessment of their subjective well-being. This study was conducted to examine the relationship between job insecurity and subjective well-being among contract employees. This study involved 86 contract employees as participants. To measure the construct, the researcher adapted the Positive Affect Negative Affect (PANAS) Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS), and Job Insecurity Questionnaire (JIQ). The sampling technique used incidental sampling, and the data analysis technique used Pearson product-moment correlation. Based on results, it showed that there is a relationship between job insecurity and subjective well-being of contract employees. The direction of the relationship between job insecurity with positive affect and life satisfaction showed a negative direction, while the job insecurity and negative affect showed a positive direction.

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