Consumers’ Perception And Purchase Intention Of Organic Food Products In Batticaloa Eravurpattu Divisional Secretariat Area

Parkularasa Nitharjan


The need for organic food is increasing due to greater consumer awareness of the nutritional value and food protection for health care. There are great potentials for organic food growth in other regions as well, such as developing countries, including Sri Lanka. This situation forced to gain knowledge about the consumers’ perception and intention towards organic food products. The main research question of this study is “Whether health, safety, environmental friendly and animal welfare, and product quality influence on purchase intention?”In order to answer this main research question, primary data were collected from 39 Grama Nilathari divisions in Batticaloa Eravurpattu Divisional Secretariat area. A total of 321 completed questionnaires were gathered, representing 81.89% response rate, using stratified random sampling method. The data were analysed by using multivariate analyses. The finding of the study revealed that intention to purchase organic food was significantly influenced by the consumers’ health, safety, environmental friendly and animal welfare and quality perception. The findings proposed useful information to organic food products marketers to develop effective marketing strategies to convince organic-concerned segment to purchase the organic food products and to enhance the pro-environmental purchasing behaviour in Batticaloa Eravurpattu Divisional Secretariat area. 

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