Benchmark for Adaptive Edge-Preserving Image Smoothing

J Faheemunnisa bi, B. Pushpalatha, Dr. S.A. Siva kumar


Edge-preserving image smoothing is an important step for many low-level vision problems. Though many algorithms have been proposed, there are several difficulties hindering its further development. First, most existing algorithms cannot perform well on a wide range of image contents using a single parameter setting. Second, the performance evaluation of edge preserving image smoothing remains subjective, and there is a lack of widely accepted datasets to objectively compare the different algorithms. To address these issues and further advance the state of the art, in this paper, we propose a benchmark for edge-preserving image smoothing. This benchmark includes an image dataset with ground truth image smoothing results as well as baseline algorithms that can generate competitive edge-preserving smoothing results for a wide range of image contents. A novel procedure for this problem is proposed based on local linear kernel smoothing, in which local neighbourhoods are adapted to the local smoothness of the surface measured by the observed data. The procedure can therefore remove noise correctly in continuity regions of the surface, and preserve discontinuities at the same time. Since an image can be regarded as a surface of the image intensity function and such a surface has discontinuities at the outlines of objects, this procedure can be applied directly to image denoising. Numerical studies show that it works well in applications, compared to some existing procedures.

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