Design and Analysis of Multistory Building in Staad Pro

Malisetty Naresh, Shaik Rehman, S Zubeeruddin


A multi storey building is a building that has multiple floors above ground in the building. Multi-storey buildings aim to increase the floor area of the building without increasing the area of the land and saving money. Analysis of multi-storey building frames involves lot of complications and edacious calculations by conventional methods. To carry out such analysis is a time consuming task. Substitute frame method for analysis can be handy in approximate and quick analysis instead of bidding process. Till date, this method has been applied by designers for vertical loading conditions. The represented plan given to office purposes can accommodate with minimum facilities. Generally buildings may be failed by bending moments, shear forces acting on members of the building. By keeping these failures in mind, we designed beams, columns, footings by considering maximum loads on members. For loads calculation, substitute frame method is used for reducing the complexity of calculations and saving time. We know R.C structural system are most common nowadays in urban regions with multi-bay and multi-storeys, keeping its importance in urban regions especially,

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