Arab spring and Fruits of Jasmine Revolution

Malik Basharat Hussain, Dr Abha Bajpai


Tunisia, the birth place of Arab Spring was ready for an uprising long before the events of December 17,2010, that spread from the coastal town of Sidi Bouzid ,engulfing Egypt ,Libya, Syria, to Bahrain and Yemen .it occurred due to deep seated popular anger and resentment with the autocratic Arab leaders. Tunisia after gaining independence from the France in 1956 witnessed only two presidents –Habib bourguiba and Zin el abidene Ben Ali, western nations accepted its authoritarian government .Tunisia, a country of mostly homogeneous population with few ethnic , tribal ,or religious plurality, liberalized economy ;middles class with well educated and productive. Its per-capita income was double those of its neighbouring countries .but all was in the smallest country of North Africa. The Ben Ali Regime (1987-2011), witnessed atrocities and misers to the common masses through inefficient bureaucracy, censorship on freedom of press, and corruption prevalent in administration brought people on streets.

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