Duties of a Journalist in a Media Organization

Dr. Satish Kumar Thalladi


Most of the constitutions of democratic countries give freedom of speech and expression, but it is not absolute freedom. They have to function under certain limitations. To become a successful journalist certain qualities are needed. They should possess, or inculcate them through practice. Qualities of good journalist are nose for news, perseverance, inquisitiveness, understanding of human behavior, physical fitness and mental alertness, command over language, technology driven, good communication skills etc. Subsequently, duties of a journalists are upholding media ethics, should work in public and national interest, work dispassionately, objectivity, accuracy, authenticity, should be skeptic to the information that flows to them, work with commitment, and staying away from spreading fake news etc. A journalist has to deliver his duties with responsibility and within the precincts of law of the land. Otherwise, the profession would lose its credibility. Media is fourth estate in democracy. It has to reflect the happening in the society with utmost care.

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