Design and Analysis Of Multistory Building With Seismic Loading In STADD PRO.

Syed Sameeruddin, S Zubeeruddin


Building construction is the engineering deals with the construction of building such as residential houses. In a simple building can be define as an enclose space by walls with roof, food, cloth and the basic needs of human beings. In the early ancient times humans lived in caves, over trees or under trees, to protect themselves from wild animals, rain, sun, etc. as the

times passed as humans being started living in huts made of timber branches. The shelters of

those old have been developed nowadays into beautiful houses. Rich people live in sophisticated condition houses. In order to compete in the ever-growing competent market, it is very important for a structural engineer to save time. as a sequel to this an attempt is made to analyze and design a Multi-storeyed building by using a software package staad pro. For analysing a multi storied building one has to consider all the possible loadings and see that the structure is safe against all possible loading conditions. There are several methods for analysis of different frames like kani’s method, cantilever method, portal method, Matrix method. The present project deals with the analysis of a multi storeyed residential building of

G + 7 storey building. The dead load & live loads are applied and the design for beams, columns, footing is obtained STAAD Pro along with in addition we are giving seismic loadings i.e. designing the building with stand the earthquakes so loads were applied in the

software and analysis was done.

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