A Theoretical Overview on the Impacts and Strategies of Morphology in English Language Teaching to the L2 Learners

Manoj Kumar Yadav, Meenakshi Sharma Yadav


This article presents a scientific-discourse and a theoretical synthetic overview systematically on the word-formation process that how the impacts and strategies of morphology produce a significant enrolment in the productive-pedagogies to teach and enhance the different parameters and paradigms of vocabulary’s re-structure and lexicography to English learners of other language (L2) in the graduate courses. This research determination defines and describes the mechanism of affix morphemes (derivational and inflectional- prefixes, infixes, suffixes) in the formation of new words with the complete lexical-semantic meaning and synthetic-syntactic-structure, which are developed through the general morphological processes in the morphosyntax. Since forms-formations in morphology and syntax are significant disciplines in linguistics, L2 students must identify the functional roles of phonetics, phonology, semantics, and pragmatics linguistically. This research attempt intends to specify the strategies, knowledge, and information employed by L2 students of the first-year graduation when they face new words while reading the texts. Even learners have a tendency to ignore a large amount of new vocabulary they encountered due to poor enhancement of the weak vocabulary awareness and immature and traditional pedagogical course policies at their schooling. They must beware of morphological misanalysis and false-etymology. The article also advocates instructors theoretically that L2 students to individual’s phonological awareness, knowledge of orthography, vocabulary, word form-formation and visual memory skills. Furthermore, learners are advised to aware of the enhancement of word theories and all kind of word formations and processes for their productive reading performances, creative writing drafts, figurative expressions and critical thinking lexicon grammatically at the course level throughout this research attempt.

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