Water Quality System

Shaik Mahammed Gouse, S.Ashok Kumar Reddy


Water pollution is one of the biggest threats for the green globalization. Water pollution affects human health by causing waterborne diseases. To prevent the water pollution, necessary steps are to be taken. First step is to estimate the water parameters like pH, turbidity, conductivity etc., as the variations in the values of these parameters point towards the presence of pollutants. In the present scenario, water parameters are detected by chemical tester laboratory test, where the testing equipment’s are stationary and samples are provided to testing equipment’s. Thus, it is a manual system with tedious process and is very time consuming. In order to minimize the time and to make the system automated, the testing equipment’s can be placed in the river water and detection of pollution can be made remotely. To ensure the safe supply of drinking water, the quality should be monitored in real time for that purpose Arduino based water quality monitoring has been proposed. In this report, the design of Arduino based water quality monitoring system that monitors the quality of water in real time is presented.This system consists of different sensors which measures the water quality parameter such as pH, conductivity, muddiness of water, temperature. The measured values from the sensors are processed by microcontroller and the processed values are transmitted using GSM to the concerned authority.

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