A Geographical Study of Assessment of Resources for Ecotourism Development and Tourist Satisfaction in Baglan Tehsil, Nashik District

Mr. V. P. Ugale


Tourism is one of the important recreational and leisure activities in the world.  Tourism can be termed as travel for recreation, leisure or business purpose.  It has a keen interest to the geographers. The main inputs for the tourism development are the natural resources.  Natural resources present in the region contributes largely in tourism activities. Tourism has great impact on socio-cultural environment. Ecotourism is different than just tourism and it is generally defines as, “naturally responsible travel and visitation to relatively undisturbed natural areas, in order to enjoy and appreciate nature that promotes conservation, has low negative visitor impact and provides for beneficially active socio-economic involvement of local people.”    

Natural resources of Baglan Tehsil like Physical landscape and wildlife are encouraging tourism activities in the study area.  The natural vegetation, wildlife, climate as well as physiography of the study area have vast potential for ecotourism development. In the tourism development of the study area other factors like History, Social and Cultural aspects are also equally contributing.

The main objectives of the research are to assess the natural resources contributing for ecotourism development in the study area. The second objective is to understand the socio-cultural resources of the study area.  And the third objective is to find the tourist satisfaction. 

The research methodology is developed to get maximum responses from the stake holders.  At first Site selection was done considering the characteristics of the sites and ecotourism. The semi-structured interview and field survey techniques were used to collect primary data.  The secondary data were collected from various sources. 

The important findings of the research work can be stated that the study area is having potential to develop as a ecotourism destination as because of presence of good number of natural resources.  The second finding is large number of tourists shown their interest in the local food, craft and culture. In suggestion we can state that local community will be benefited by the ecotourism.  The sustainable development could takes place in the study area. 

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