Conceptualising multilateralism in the Foreign Policy of Regional Power- a Case Study of Nigeria

Oladimeji Talibu, Mohammad Zaki bin Ahmad


The article explored the multilateral policy of one of the most important regional powers in the global south. It seeks to provide basic elements underlining the involvement of Nigeria in the international organizations. As Nigeria conducts most of its external relations through multilateral diplomacy, it is imperative to provide a conceptual basis upon which such role can be defined. Most of the literatures on Nigerian foreign policy have not properly dealt with this and this may be the first attempt at conceptualizing Nigeria’s multilateral diplomacy in its 54 years of corporate existence. In doing this we present the contemporary case study of Nigeria’s involvement in Mail to buttress our claim. Because of the scanty literature on the subject, we rely majorly on newspapers, textbooks, speeches, archival records, articles in journals and internet sources. In utilizing all these data sources, we employed the use of latent content analysis and textual mining in interpreting and analyzing the data.


Multilateralism; Foreign Policy; Regional power; Nigeria; West Africa

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