This world and beyond- A Critical Review of John Keats’ poetical Skills with special emphasis on his escapist flights

Amit Sharma, Oorja Sharma, Vikrant Rehani


His short sojourn on the earth by no means was a determent for his creativity to cease. His poetry is replete with ornate, sensuous imagery which though during his own time was targeted by critics for attacks. Nevertheless the poetry of Keats has through centuries captivated readers’ attention. The reason for the same is the beautiful imagery, spontaneous overflow of emotions and his sense of detachment. Over the centuries Keats’ appeal to readers has multiplied. His universal philosophy of the beauty and conflating beauty with truth brings him close to Indian metaphysics. Keats thus becomes a mystic talking about the things unforeseen and holds the readers enthralled by his witty philosophical ideas, imagination which is unbridled and sensuous description of the phenomena.


Negative capability; sensuousness; escapism; criticism of life; poetic diction

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