Status of e-waste management facilities in India

Udhayakumar T, Dr. K. Prabhkar


E-waste is a term used for the electronic products that no more productive by nature. The growing factor related to e-waste is one of the biggest tribulations that are on constant ravage. It has become an alarming threat for both developed as well as developing countries across the globe. Negative impacts are on the rise specifically upon the physical and mental condition of human beings along with unfavorable effects on the environment. From concrete surveys, it has been found that in the year 2010, e-waste products found in India was about 0.4 million tons which has increased to 0.6 million by the year 2014 [1]. It has created a dangerous scenario due to the hazardous nature of these waste materials such as- useless TVs, mobile phones, batteries, computers, audio devices, fax machines and other electric equipments. This occurs due to the shortage of e-waste disposal as well as their recycling facilities. Multitude of e-waste is the reason behind the high density of toxic substance in the ecosystem, which can eradicated only by the proper management and handling of these electronic waste materials [2].


Status of e-waste; management; facilities in India

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