Adaptive MIMO-OFDM Channel Estimation of Super Resolution Approach Utilizing Spatial and Temporal Correlation and TTOP

Madhira Eswar Kumar, K.S. Raj Sekhar


This paper provides adaptive technique for the channel estimation of MIMO-OFDM. Generally there are a lot of methods for channel estimation of OFDM as well as MIMO OFDM. In this paper I first described about the latest MIMO OFDM channel estimation which is super resolution approach that explores spatial and temporal correlation of MIMO-OFDM. I then designed conventional Time domain training based orthogonal pilot (TTOP). I then compared the performance of two channel estimation schemes i.e. 2 D graph between the SNR vs. BER.I generated the performance graphs for different MIMO OFDM antenna pairs for above two. And finally I propose the combination of two techniques which is used in Adaptive way given much better results than previous channel estimation techniques and it will better utilize resources much efficiently.


Adaptive Channel Estimation; Super sparse Resolution; MIMO OFDM channel estimation; TTOP

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