Analysis of Soil Parameters after the Full Growth of the Kufari Bahar Cultivar of Solanum Tuberosum

Mr. Govinda, Asha Sharma, Sandeep Singh


The soil samples were collected for growth of the Kufari Bahar cultivar of the Solanum tuberosum. The samples were taken from different places/fields with a depth of five to six inches below surface and measured for their pH value and other essential micronutrient and macronutrient. The photoperiods for growth were supplied by the cool fluorescent light into the plant growth chamber. The control was not supplemented with any stress. The soil was tested just after the growth of the plant (after one month). The stress of cadmium also known to change the protein expression of Sloanum tuberosum plants (Folgado R, Panis B, Sergeant K, Renaut J, Swennen R and Hausman J-F, 2013). The soil parameters reports found that the nitrogen was plentiful in the soil of all the three samples. The trace of salt below 1 ppm were also been reported in samples but its level was also low than the cadmium containing samples and somewhat higher than salt samples.


Hogland’s solution; NaCl; Cadmium; soil samples etc

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