An Experimental Investigation of an Inclined Solar Distillation and Domestic Water Heating System in Cogeneration

Jigmet Lodoe, Raghavendra Gautam, Santosh Kumar, Sandeep Sudheer


Solar distillation system works on the simple principle of evaporation and condensation process .Unlike other types of distillation system which works either by consuming electrical energy or by burning fossil fuels; it works simply on thermal energy provided by the sun which is free in nature. The hot waste brackish water is cogenerated. It takes brackish or impure water as an input to the system and clean wateras well as hot brackish water as an output. The simplicity of the system makes it ideal for disaster situations mainly flood, where the water is plenty but unsafe to drink .


Brackish and saline water; Solar Distillation; Solar energy; Distilled Water; Low cost; Humidfication-Dehumidification process

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