Design Evaluation of a Heavy Vehicle Chassis by Using Materials E- Glass Epoxy & S-2 Glass

K. Shirisha, B. Phani Shankar


Vehicles chassis consists of an assembly of all the essential parts of a truck (without the body) to be ready for operation on the road. In this paper we design and model the heavy vehicle chassis by using Pro/Engineer software, by taking the data from the L & T heavy vehicle model by reverse engineering processes. Present used material for chassis is steel. The main aim is to replace the chassis material with E- GLASS EPOXY & S-2 GLASS. By using steel, the weight of the chassis is more compared with E- GLASS EPOXY & S-2 GLASS, since its density is more. Structural and Modal analysis is done on chassis for optimizing above parameters under 10tons load.


Design Evaluation; Heavy Vehicle; Materials E- Glass Epoxy;S-2 Glass

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