Improvement of Website Structure for Effective User Navigation

Chandra Sekhara Reddy T, Ambadi Vijetha


Websites effectiveness depends on their content and usability needs of their users. Websites are developed by developers, who has own mind set. Websites are developed using requirements rather than providing user friendliness. The expansion of the Internet has led to several studies on getting better user navigations with information extracted from web server logs and they are normally categorized in to approaches of web personalization as well as web transformation. Web personalization is procedure of tailoring web pages to needs of precise users by means of information of users’ navigational behavior as well as profile information. Designing well-structured websites to facilitate effective user navigation has long been a challenge. A primary reason is that the web developers’ understanding of how a website should be structured can be considerably different from that of the users. While various methods have been proposed to re link web pages to improve navigability using user navigation data, the completely reorganized new structure can be highly unpredictable, and the cost of disorienting users after the changes remains unanalyzed. This paper addresses how to improve a website without introducing substantial changes.


Web server; Information systems; User navigation; Web personalization; web patterns

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