Screening of entophytic pigmented fungi for Phytochemical and Antioxidant activity

K. Preethi, Mridul Umesh, Ms. Anusha


The present investigation was done to screen the endophytic fungi from the medicinal tree (Azadirachtaindica) for its antioxidant activity. About five fungal isolates were collected and cultured. Among the five isolates only two were taken for the study due to its coloured pigmented morphology. The two pigmented fungi were identified as FusariumspandAspergillus sp. Methanolic extract of the isolates were taken and dried. The dry solid residue was re- dissolved in methanol and the crude extract was evaluated for their antioxidant property. The methanolic extracts were qualitatively and quantitatively analysed for protein, flavanoids, and phenol content. From the results it was found that the endophytic fungi played an important role in the search of biological compounds and might also represents an alternative source for the therapeutic agents. The potential of these fungi is of great interest and warrants further investigation.


Endophytic fungi; Phytochemicals screening; Total Antioxidant capacity

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