Replicating Data into Multi-Clouds by Using A Multi-Share Technique

Harpinder Singh, Sheetal Kalra


Cloud computing technology has increased rapidly in many organizations. It provides many benefits in low cost and accessibility of data to user. Ensuring the security of cloud is a main factor in the cloud computing environments. The customers do not want to lose their secret information, they often to store private data with cloud providers but these providers may be trusted or untrusted. Dealing with a single cloud provider is predicted to become less famous with customers due to risks of data intrusion, service availability failure and the possibilities of malicious insiders attack in the single cloud. The loss of service availability has cause many numbers of problems for a large number of customers. A movement towards multi-clouds (interclouds) or cloud-of-clouds has emerged very recently. This manuscript focuses on security issues of single cloud system. Firstly, the paper survey the recent research of single and multi-clouds system and second it analysis the multi-cloud security techniques. This paper promotes the use of multi-clouds system due to reduce security risks.


Data security; Single cloud; Multi-clouds;

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