Design and Implementation of GSM Based Fertigation System

Bhudev Singh, Rajeev Ratan, S. K. Luthra


The objective behind Implementation and Design of GSM based Fertigation System is to make and analyze the need of water in the crop field as agriculture is the main source of production which usually depends on the water availability. In growing countries like India Economy is largely based on the agriculture which scarcely depends on the climate conditions and Borewell. Irrigation of water is usually done by manual method. To ease the work of the farmer GSM based automatic Fertigation system can be implemented so that water wastage can be reduced and also the fertilizer can be added accordingly. Also the Soil Salinity can be checked and reduced if exceeds certain limit. By using GSM system, Start and stop action of the motor that feeds the field with water can be controlled only by sending the GSM command through GSM mobile.GSM is used as a control of the whole process and backbone of whole system.. This system can be used to control irrigation from any distance.


Irrigation; Soil Salinity; Microcontroller; LCD display; GSM Module

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