Web Based Goal Structuring Notation Tool

Sidra Anwar, Khaleeq- un-Nisa


Goal Structuring Notation is an argument or logic-based methodology that symbolizes all aspects of a safety argument (requirements, claims, evidence and context etc) in an elegant and logical diagram. In recent years it has been used within the risk-based Safety domain to depict Safety Case structure. It assists with the demonstration or clarification of how the set of evidence items may be combined together and argued to demonstrate the top claim. The use of GSN has arisen in response to poorly written Case documents. All the existing GSN tools are offline. In this paper; Web based Goal structuring notation tool (E-GSN) is presented to support a user to draw a structure of engineering arguments and Data flow while taking technical arguments. The tool has basic GSN shapes. An advance approach of File import , export, re-use, downloading in .png, .jpg, .dmo formats, sharing with public, adding and removing extra users by already registered users, file saving without a user side database connectivity and user’s account settings, is practiced. No memory constraints are there regarding importing/ exporting data.A drawing tool is also presented as a part of paper. It is a tool with basic flow diagram shapes and UML shapes. This tool is providing the services of data flow in technical and critical arguments, and a mature drawing tool. A user's computer system with secure internet connection would be required above than all requirements.


E-GSN UML; critical arguments

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