Application of Natural adsorbents for Wastewater treatment

P. Deepthi, C. Sarala, K. Mukkanti


Water is the prime and essential source for human life. Anthropogenic activities are polluting water with many wastes which are harmful for human and ecological sustenance. To combat the pollutants proper treatment is required for the reuse/ recycling of the precious limited water resource. The treatment facilities are difficult and also expensive. So there is an increased demand for the innovative, low maintenance and energy efficient technology for water treatment. One such type of technology is the use of low cost adsorbents such as “Moringa oleifera” “Nirmali” “strychnos” “Tamarindus indica” etc. out of which Tamarindus indica” seeds are used for the removal of metals from waste water. Insitu analysis was carried out by varying the dosage of adsorbent, PH, temperature, and contact time. The results showed that Tamarindus indica in the powdered form act as a good absorbent with 90% efficiency. Thus providing an economically feasible and eco-friendly technology useful for improving the quality of life for rural peoples.


Water; Efficient Technology; Low-Cost adsorbents; Tamarindus indica; Eco-friendly Technology

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