The Mask of Civilization and Education- Indians in the Perceptions of the White People

Malay Saha


Much depends on the 'eyes' of the beholder. This is particularly true when we look at the contradictory and conflicting perceptions of different people about India. India has variously been perceived by the foreigners as the land of mysticism, spiritualism and occult philosophy; the land of wealth and gold; the land of poverty, hunger and disease and so on. What encourages diverse opinions is the lack of total understanding of India and her people. The single most important factor that contributed to the discourse-making of the body politic o India is the phenomenon of 'colonialisation'. The Europeans looked upon the Indians as irrational, laidback ,regressed and ignorant and themselves embarked upon the mission of civilizing them. But what lied behind this project is their 'desire' for profiteering and plundering. The natives had ,therefore ,to be kept in 'deception'.


European; deception; colonialisation; desire'

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