Comparative Study of Different Levels of Discrete Wavelet Transform With Filters for Removal of Speckle Noise

Jagat Pal, Dipti Bansal


The medical images or ultrasound images are widely used in medical fields for different purposes. In medical images the quality of images effected due to addition of noise. Speckle noise effects the image by which images gets blurs or degradation occurs in the quality of image at receiver side. Speckle noise makes the image indistinct or unclear which is not easy to see clearly. There are many technique by which quality of speckle noise effected images can be increased .The comparative study is done by applying different levels of discrete wavelet transform and also the performance of this different levels are compared with filters specially the wiener filter. The PSNR of these different levels of discrete wavelet transform and also the PSNR of these different levels with wiener filters are calculated. The Comparative study shows that better PSNR value is obtained by addition of filters with discrete wavelet transform.


Leena images; speckle noise; wiener filter; dwt; wavelet transform

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