The Relationship between Vocabulary Learning Strategies and Vocabulary Breadth and Depth of Postgraduate Students of Mata ram University in Academic Year

Ida Nyoman Tri Darma Putra, Mr. Priyono, Mr Arifuddin


The study showed that the vocabulary learning strategies used by postgraduate students were correlated with all the vocabulary level tests at the 0.05 level. Determination strategies, social strategies, memory strategies, cognitive strategies and meta cognitive strategies were found correlated with the test score of 2.000 level, 3.000 level, 5.000, and academic word level. The correlation analysis between vocabulary learning strategies and vocabulary depth showed that determination strategy was the only strategy that had correlation with Vocabulary depth (0.160). Meanwhile, strong and positive relationship between vocabulary depth and breadth was found in this study (0.795). Moreover, the most frequently used strategies by all participants belonged to memory strategies, while the social strategies were the least strategies used by postgraduate students.


Vocabulary learning strategies; Vocabulary Breadth; Vocabulary Depth

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