Reduction of Speckle Noise in Ultrasound Images using Various Filtering techniques and Discrete Wavelet Transform- Comparative Analysis

Nishtha Attlas, Sheifali Gupta


Speckle noise becomes a dominating factor in degrading the image visual quality and perception in medical images. Speckle noise is a particular kind of noise which affects all coherent imaging systems including medical ultrasound images and astronomical images. It is essential to keep the useful data in the exact original form. So we need to process the data by applying transformations. DWT (Discrete wavelet transform) is the latest and best technique for image denoising. This paper presents study of various techniques for removal of speckle noise from biomedical images such as Spatial and frequency domain filter and a modified algorithm for speckle noise reduction using wavelet based Multiresolutional analysis and combined filtering techniques with wiener and median filters. A comparative analysis of three methods: DWT with wiener filtering, DWT with median filtering and DWT with both wiener and median filtering techniques has been presented. Results are compared in terms of PSNR, Mean squared Error and processing time.


De-noising, Speckle Noise, Ultrasonic Imaging, Wavelet transform, PSNR and MSE

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