Implementation of Green Wave System and Detection of Stolen Vehicles

Dingari sadgun, Ch. Ramesh babu, B. Ashok


The main aim of this paper is to develop a green wave system for emergency and stolen vehicles. In these days we know the traffic is more in the rush hours and we may strike in the traffic for a while. Where coming to the point in the case of emergency vehicles like ambulances, VIP vehicles also may wait in the signal for a long time until the red signal turns into green signal. This may also leads to loss of human lives because of not reaching their destinations in proper time. To overcome this problems we are implementing a new trend technology by categorizing the vehicles mainly into three type’s namely High priority, Normal, Stolen vehicles we may also increase the category depending up on the priorities. Here we are making a setup of GREEN WAVE by identifying the which type of vehicle is in the traffic if the vehicle is a high priority one and then if the signal is in red it automatically turns into green by giving way to that vehicle here we are making an arrangement at every traffic signal for monitoring the high priority vehicle and also we are fitting a GPS at every traffic signal because in the case of stolen vehicles we want to trace them we also use the same green wave setup. Thus we implement this setup for both the emergency vehicles and stolen vehicles.


Implementation; Green Wave System; Detection of Stolen Vehicles

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