Adaptive under frequency load shedding using synchrophasor measurement

Sweeti jain, Manoj Gupta


The imbalance between the generation and the demand is the major factor that causes frequency instability in a power system. Conventional Under frequency Load Shedding (UFLS) is used to balance between generation and load when under frequency conditions occur. It sheds a fixed, predetermined amount of load irrespective of disturbance location. However, in the adaptive UFLS can be implemented by using synchrophasor measurements.
In this paper, measurement is taken from detailed time domain simulation using PSAT, by assuming that PMUs are located in all buses to implement adaptive UFLS. This paper presents adaptive UFLS based on real time domain simulation of IEEE39-bus system.
The results obtained shows that the adaptive UFLS scheme curtails the load based on voltage dip and restored the frequency.


WAMS; adaptive UFLS

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