Photochemical and Antimicrobial Activities of Stem-bark of Stereospermum Kunthianum Plant

G. M. Saljaba, S. A. Osemeahon, J. T. Baminas


The result showed the MIC of 0.125 mg/ml for streptococcus spp and pseudomonas and 0.0625 mg/ml for klebsiella spp. The MBC against staphylococcus spp was 0.125 mg/ml and that of klebsiella spp was found to be 0.625 mg/ml. The extracts showed varied inhibitory activity against the organisms studied. The spectra of activities displayed by the extract can be attributed to the presence of these phytochemicals which signifies the potentials of Stereospermum kunthianum stem-bark as a source of therapeutic agents.


Stem-bark; photochemical; Stereospermum kunthianum; Antimicrobial; Micro organisms

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